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About Pharma Two B

Pharma Two B develops clinically differentiated and value-added products, based on approved drugsWe focus on Combination Products of two or more drugs with complementary and synergistic effects and optimized delivery profiles, providing high clinical value and shorter regulatory pathways (US 505b2 approach). The company develops products in two therapeutic areas with great unmet needs - Parkinson's disease (PD) and Cancer.

All of Pharma Two B candidates are known drugs. The company efforts are primarily devoted to pharmacologically characterizing and optimizing synergistic combinations with improved therapeutic effect. In addition, Pharma Two B provides, based on our vast experience in the field of drug delivery and controlled release, optimized formulations which enhance the pharmacological activity and provide additional value to the new products IP.

Pharma Two B offers a complete package of solutions for fast and efficient development of combination products, from basic pharmacology to final dosage form, either standard or more complicated Drug-Delivery-System (DDS), supported by our activities in:

  1. Search for new indications/combinations
  2. Model design and pharmacological evaluation of synergistic effects
  3. New formulations
  4. DDS solutions (mainly oral)