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Combination Products

Pharma Two B is focused on developing unique combinations in therapeutic  fields with significant unmet need:  Parkinson's disease and cancer. We develop combinations of two drugs acting in complementary pathways, leading to synergistic effects resulting in increased therapeutic potential. The optimal ratio between the components is explored, leading to doses that are significantly lower than the doses used commercially when the drugs are given alone, while the combination shows remarkable pharmacological and therapeutic advantages.

The components are formulated as Combination products, where the two drugs are within the same dosage form. The release profile is adapted for the individual component's pharmacokinetics properties, such that the combined effect by the two drugs is maximized by elongating the time they can act together.

Pharma Two B's lead product is P2B001 for the treatment of Parkinson's Disease (PD). The company recently completed a Phase IIb study in 149 PD patients in 29 clinical sites in the US and Israel, with robust positive results.

In addition, Pharma Two B's pipeline includes 3 Combination Products programs in preclinical stage.

Advantages of Combination product:

  1. Increased clinical value- synergy between the drugs leads to greater therapeutic effect.
  2. Synergistic effect allows descreasing the doses of the component, leading improved safety profile with less side effects, while maintaining high clinical outcome.
  3. Compliance- one dosage form containing both drugs, taken once daily
  4. Basic Compounds established and accepted, leading to increased acceptance by  physicians, patients and insurance companies
  5. Shortened regulatory pathway- 505(b)2 approach


R&D programs for Combination products