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Combination Products for Cancer

P2B002, P2B003, P2B004 - Combination Products for Cancer Treatment

Pharma Two B is currently studying three promising combinations for the treatment of pancreatic, lung and breast cancer. The combinations are composed of both known chemotherapy drugs and drugs that are not indicated for cancer, but their mechanism of action supports and sensitizes the chemotherapy. P2B002 is composed of two non chemotherapy drugs, however, although each of them alone is not effective in cancer cell lines in-vitro, the combination is highly effective.

The process of discovery of the pipeline cancer combinations, was similar to that used for Pharma Two B's lead product, P2B001 for the treatment of Parkinson's disease. P2B001 is currently in advanced clinical evaluation, and very strong and robust results from a phase IIB clinical study were recently obtained. The cancer combinations were also identified by a comprehensive screening process that explored the ability of various compounds to kill cancer cells in low doses. Strong synergistic effects were shown between several compounds, and those compounds were then studied in a matrix of combinations, to identify the best performing ones.

Three combinations are currently in the pipeline, in pre-clinical investigation stage.

Figure 1. Compounds C and D (P2B002, top graph)and compounds D and E (P2B003, bottom graph)  and their combination, were tested for their efficacy to kill cancer cells in 6 different cell lines, from 3 different cancer types (pancreatic, lung and breast). The results indicate that in concentration where each component alone has very poor efficacy, the combination induces significant cell death in all 3 cell types, in a magnitude notably stronger than the sum of the effects of the two component . The results imply synergistic effects.