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Combination Product for Parkinson Disease

P2B 001- Pharma Two B's Lead Product for the Treatment of Parkinson's Disease

A proprietary sustained release combination product for the treatment of early stage Parkinson’s disease patients:

P2B 001 is a combination product consisting of two drugs with complementary mechanism of action. A remarkable synergy between the drugs was demonstrated in preclinical studies. The synergy was further enhanced by the slow release formulation developed for the product. The development of P2B001 is intended to provide a combination of low dose drugs, in an improved formulation, more effective in controlling Parkinson's disease symptoms than each of the drugs taken alone or the current available commercial drugs taken together, with an improved safety profile, P2B001 will provide a safe and effective alternative for treating patients in the early stages of Parkinson's disease, and could be a preferred choice for these patients. Positive results of phase IIb clinical trial with P2B001, were obtained in July 2015. The high efficacy and safety shown in the study, further support the prediction that this product can become first line treatment for early stage PD patients, with a potential market of more than $500M per year.