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Generic Products

In addition to our main activity in Combination products development, Pharma Two B utilizes its expertise in formulations and drug delivery systems to the development of selected complex generics products.

  • Pharma Two B develops non-infringing formulations and complete R&D files, including formulations, analytical methods, stability and pilot studies when applicable, of five generic products in various indications. 
  • Our development candidates are selected based on Market needs, competitions considerations and our in-house capabilities
  • R&D is planned and performed using Pharma Two B’s expertise in formulations, Drug Delivery Systems and API sourcing.

The company strategy is licensing the products for development and commercialization under milestone and royalty payments.

Since its establishment in December 2007, the company completed the development of 5 generic products, all of which were licensed to a US based partner, for further development, registration and commercialization in North America.

The company is open to licensing of the products in other global regions. 

R&D programs for generic products


Product Indication
P2B 005 Hyperphosphataemia
P2B 006  Hyperphosphataemia
P2B 007  Hyperlipidemia
P2B 008  Secondary hyperparathyroidism
P2B 009  Dry Eye