Our Company

Who We Are

Pharma Two B is a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company developing novel, synergistic, combination products based on previously approved drugs. We refined our years of expertise to identify and characterize potential drug combinations that can offer high therapeutic effects with improved safety profiles. Our goal is to develop clinically meaningful, safe and commercially added-value combination products to address unmet medical needs and decreased timelines to FDA approval via the (US 505(b)(2)) regulatory pathway.

Our lead product P2B001 is being investigated as once daily treatment for early-stage Parkinson’s disease (PD) that does not require titration. The low dose combination of rasagiline and pramipexole, both extended-released formulations, obtained good clinical efficacy with a low risk of side effects, as shown in a phase II clinical trial (N=149 patients). Currently P2B001 is in a phase III clinical trial, as a novel treatment for early-stage Parkinson’s Disease (PD). To learn more about the clinical performance of P2B001, please see: 

Pharma Two B is led by highly experienced team in Parkinson’s disease , supported by prominent scientific and clinical key opinion leaders, and backed by a dedicated group of investors.

Our Mission

We are striving to improve patients’ quality of life by developing innovative combination products based on previously approved drugs, with favorable balance between safety profile and efficacy.