Our Focus

Our Development Approach

Pharma Two B uses its expertise in drug pharmacology and drug delivery systems to develop and optimize novel formulations of previously approved drugs. We aim to make better and safer pharmaceutical products with significant benefits for the patients.

Pharma Two B’s lead product P2B001, is being developed as a novel treatment for early stage Parkinson’s Disease (PD). P2B001 is a unique combination of low doses of proprietary extended-release rasagiline (monoamine oxidase-B inhibitor, or MAO-B) and pramipexole (dopamine agonist, or DA) offering clinical benefits on par with commercially available higher doses, while mitigating the risk of side effects and improving safety and tolerability.

The formulation of the combination was adapted to allow extended combined activity, leading to enhanced synergistic effects. Data from the P2B001 phase II clinical trial demonstrated that P2B001 provides a meaningful therapeutic effect in low doses with a favorable safety profile. For further information about P2B001 please click here.

P2B001 is currently in a phase III clinical trial in the US and Europe, with results expected in Q4 2021.

Pharma Two B’s life cycle management and pipeline is aimed at additional investigational products related to Parkinson’s disease and other CNS diseases, where there is a clear unmet clinical need for effective, safe and convenient products.