Pipeline and Future Products


Pharma Two B is completing the clinical development of P2B001 for the treatment of early stage PD patients. The company further developing this combination product for the treatment of more advanced PD patients.


Additionally, Pharma Two B is building a unique portfolio of 505(b)(2) product candidates that are aimed to enhance efficacy and safety using improved proprietary dosage forms and delivery profiles.

P2B001EA for Early Stage PD Patients

P2B001 is developed for treatment of early stage or newly diagnosed patients. Because it contains two of the most prescribed drugs currently given to this patient population, but contains lower doses and sustained release delivery profile. In light of the efficacy and safety data in its phase II clinical trial, we are further evaluating whether P2B001  may offer a better treatment option than either of its individual  components in their current dosage form

P2B001 also offers significant convenience of use, being a once daily treatment that needs no titration.


P2B001AD for Advanced PD Patients

Pharma Two B is developing P2B001 also for the treatment of more advanced Parkinson’s disease patients who are using Levodopa.

Levodopa is an effective drug however, it is associated with the development of motor complications such as dyskinesia, and with efficacy fluctuations leading to “on/”off” time. This limitations are associated with increasing doses.
Using P2B001 as add-on to low dose levodopa, may help Keeping Levodopa dose as low as possible for as long as possible, without compromising efficacy.

A phase III clinical trial evaluating the advantage of P2B001 as add-on to Levodopa is planned in the near future. For information regarding planned clinical studies please contact us

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