Why P2B001

P2B001 Safety

The safety and tolerability profile of P2B001 has been well characterized during the multi-national Phase III clinical trial program. Overall tolerability was high and only 8.7% treated with P2B001 did not complete the treatment, out of which 5.3% withdrew due to Adverse Events (AEs).

P2B001 had significantly reduced daytime sleepiness compared with PramiER as shown by change in ESS (Epworth Sleepiness Scale) during 12 weeks of treatment.

Furthermore, significantly less subjects shifted to extensive daytime sleepiness (from ≤10 to >10 ESS score) with P2B001 compared to PramiER (8.5% vs. 35.7%, p<0.0001)

Adverse Events
More than 98% of the treatment-emergent adverse events (TEAEs) were mild or moderate in severity. Phase 3 results demonstrated fewer treatment-realted adverse events with P2B001 vs. pramipexole-ER throughout the entire study. For more information on P2B001 safety, press here.


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