Our Pipeline

Drug-Drug Combinations Treatment for Parkinson’s Disease

The combination offered by P2B001 is unique. It is low dose combination of two active ingredients currently used in PD that act in complementary mechanisms.

What are the components of the combination?

P2B001 is comprised of the active ingredients rasagiline, which is an inhibitor of the enzyme that regulates the levels of dopamine, and pramipexole, which has structural similarity to dopamine.

Together, these two drugs support each other’s activity, by increasing the amount of available dopamine, and at the same time, activating the dopamine receptor. The activities of these two drugs in combination and in sustained release formulation has been proven effective in previous trials in Parkinson’s disease patients.

P2B001 has a unique formulation and release profile, in which the two drugs are released from the capsule in an adapted manner, throughout the day, with the aim of maximizing mutual activity. P2B001 is designed to provide a combination of low doses of these two drugs with the aim of providing more effective control of Parkinson’s disease symptoms than each of the drugs taken alone or, the current available commercial drugs taken together. Pharma Two B is currently evaluating this hypothesis in a Phase III clinical trial.

P2B001 is an investigational product and is not currently approved by any regulatory authority.